Halya Seed 1kg Asaliya / Halam / Halim Seed

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asaliya / halam / halim seed 1kg  halya seed

health gain factor : halim seeds are high in protein, vitamin a, folate, vitamin c, calcium and iron. for all the ladies, halim is credited for aiding in regulating menstrual cycles and its rich folate content is invaluable for expectant mothers.

quality factor :sources halim seeds from trusted indian farmers and assures that the product contains no additives or preservatives. we work with farmers directly and aim to produce the best quality products that are completely natural.

this culinary and healing herb has a tangy, peppery taste similar to leaf mustard and watercress. because of its distinctive flavor and high nutritional value, garden cress makes a tasty and healthy addition to salads and sandwiches. here’s the full scoop on the health benefits of garden cress

shelf life: 12 months

storage instructions: store in a cool and dry place

the halya seed 1kg asaliya / halam / halim seed is a product of kissan ghar. the category is zarai ajnaas and subcategory is food grains


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