Seamaxx 1Litre Ascophyllum Nodosum

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Seamaxx 1Litre Ascophyllum Nodosum ( Bio Stimulant ) Swat Agro Chemicals Crop Enhancement

Product : seamaxx

Available pack size : 500ml

Active ingredient :ascophyllum nodosum (bio stimulant)

Formulation : 200gm/ltr.

Crops : cotton, maize, wheat, chili, onion, mango, apple, guava, etc

Pests / diseases : enhance quick growth, increases fungicides efficiency & crop is resistant to drought conditions

dosage per acre : 300ml – 500ml

manufactured by : . england

imported, packed & marketed by : swat agro chemicals, peshawar pakistan

Introduction :

seamaxx is a soluble liquid concentrate of natural seaweed extracts, rich in natural compounds which promote crop growth. it is formulated together with nitrogen, phosphorus and a carefully balanced blend of plant-available micronutrients. when applied at the correct time, seamaxx assists in improving overall plant nutrition and plant vigour and this helps to optimize yield potential. the presence of additional n, p, k and micronutrients helps optimize the plants nutrient status at times of rapid growth.

application rates :

winter wheat, barley and oats:

apply 1.5 l/ha at gs 21 – 23. repeat 6 weeks later and again at gs30-31. wheats may benefit from a further application of 3.0 litres/ha at gs47 – 59.

spring wheat, barley and oats:

apply 1.5 l/ha at gs 21 – 23. repeat at gs30 – 31. wheats may benefit from a further application of 3.0 litres/ha at gs47 – 59.

oilseed rape:

apply 1.5 l/ha soon after emergence when there is sufficient foliage present to absorb spray. repeat again 6 weeks later and thereafter at 6-week intervals as required.


apply 1.5 l/ha in a programme at 7 – 14 day intervals through the growing season. seed crops and low tuber-setting cultivars will benefit from an additional application of 2.5 l/ha about 10 days prior to tuber initiation, repeated at tuber initiation.

sugar beet:

apply 4.0 l/ha at the 4 – 6 true leaf stage and repeat twice at 3 week intervals.


grass for silage – apply 5.6 l/ha 28 days before each cut. permanent pasture – apply 5.6 l/ha at 4 – 6 week intervals through the growing season.

maize and sweetcorn:

apply 1.5 litres/ha at 2 – 4leaf stage. repeat at stem elongation and thereafter at 4 – 6 week intervals as required.

vegetables and salad crops:

apply 3.0 l/ha to transplanted crops as soon as possible after transplanting. apply 3 l/ha to all crops at 3-week intervals throughout the growing season.

top fruit (apples and pears):

  • i. apply 3.0 l/ha up to 8 times in a programme through the season to harvest
  • ii. apples – begin at ‘mouse ear’ stage
  • iii.pears – begin at ‘green cluster’

Stone fruit:

  • i. apply 3.0 l/ha up to 5 times at regular intervals through the season up to harvest.
  • ii. cherries – begin at ‘white bud’. cherries may benefit from up to 3 post-harvest applications prior to leaf fall.
  • iii. plums – begin at ‘cot split’


apply 3.0 l/ha as soon as possible after transplanting (if applicable) and then 3 – 6 week intervals to the green fruit stage. after picking, apply up to three times onto foliage crowns.

Cane fruit:

apply 3.0 l/ha at first new leaf and continue at 2 – 4 week intervals up to green fruit. the first application to transplanted crops should be made as soon as possible after planting.

Bush fruit:

apply 3.0 l/ha at 3-week intervals from early leaf until open flower (blackcurrants, redcurrants) or immediately prior to harvest (gooseberries).


Apply 3.0 l/ha when the bine is at 6 inches and repeat up to 4 times at 2 – 3 week intervals from when the bine is half-way up the wire.


apply 3.0 l/ha at early leaf and thereafter at 2 – 3 week intervals until harvest.

Bulbs and corms:

apply 3.0 l/ha at flower bud detection and repeat after flowering. n.b. avoid spraying open flowers as the product may stain the petals.

Transplanted crops:

Transplanted crops and modules will benefit from dip or soak in 1:3000 dilution of seamaxx in water 24 hours before planting out.

Mixing and application:

Apply seamaxx in 200-500 litres of water/ha, using sufficient water to ensure efficient coverage of the foliage.

half fill the spray tank with clean water and begin agitation. add the required quantity of seamaxx and then the rest of the water. maintain agitation throughout the spraying operation. avoid spraying in very bright sunlight or in temperatures above 25°c.

the use of headland guard 2000 at 0.1% v/v will improve foliar adhesion and rainfastness in showery conditions.


Seamaxx is physically compatible with a wide range of agricultural chemicals. consult your distributor for the latest information. alternatively, up-to-date compatibility information may be found at

Seamaxx is incompatible with manganese sulphate, mineral spraying oils and oil-based adjuvants.

Storage :

Keep dry and cool in a suitable store. keep out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.

Keep away from food, drink and animal feedingstuffs and out of reach of children.

Protect from frost. store above 5°c.


the chemicals (hazard information and packaging for supply) regulations 2002 (chip3) do not apply to this product. its use should not present a hazard under normal circumstances. refer to the material safety data sheet or the product label for full details.

Transport :

this product is not classified as hazardous for transport

The Seamaxx 1Litre Ascophyllum Nodosum ( Bio Stimulant ) Swat Agro Chemicals Crop Enhancement is a product of Swat Agro Chemicals. The Category is Crop Nutrition / Plant Growth Regulators and Subcategory is Amino Acids


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