Popcorn Kernel Seeds

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Popcorn kernel seeds – 500g imported brazil gluten free


you can enjoy sunbeam’s delicious popcorn by popping these kernels on your stovetop. thanks to their rich fiber content, they are perfect for your family’s health and you will have the popcorn ready to eat after only a few minutes.

  • information
  • ingredients
  • raw corn kernels
  • storage condition

1) once opened, transfer the product into a clean, dry and air tight container. 2) store in a cool, dry, hygiene place and away from strong odours and sunlight.

the popcorn kernel seeds – 500g imported brazil gluten free sunbeam popcorn is a product of kissan ghar. the category is zarai ajnaas and subcategory is food grains


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Original price was: ₨ 445.Current price is: ₨ 435.